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Advaith Jayaram
6 min readJun 14, 2021


CoRover and its clients

Let’s start this of by discussing some interesting facts. It has been speculated that humans have been writing for close to 5500 years, the earliest pieces of evidence to support this claim are 4500 year old clay tablets which were found in present day Iraq.

Let’s take this one step further and ask, when did humans start speaking? This subject is the crux of the discourse taking place amongst linguistic scientists who are attempting to crystallise the theory of language evolution.

One of the most dominant hypothesis in this field is known as laryngeal descent theory, or LDT which proposes that the anatomical ingredients for speech were present in our ancestors much earlier than 200,000 years ago. In fact, they propose that the necessary equipment — specifically, the throat shape and motor control that produce distinguishable vowels — has been around as long as 27 million years, when humans and Old World monkeys (baboons, mandrills, and the like) last shared a common ancestor.

The dating to 27 million years has been bombarded with a wave of skepticism from experts like Philip Lieberman who argue that the precursors of speech might have emerged about a little more than 3 million years ago, when humans began living in large social groups.

In a nutshell, we have been speaking for way longer than we have been writing. We could hence make a weighted assumption and say that humans are genetically wired to speak better than they write. This simple function of the human brain, to me is fundamentally the core reason behind the meteoric success of the Global Conversational AI Market which was valued at USD 3.89 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 18.02 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 21.02% from 2020 to 2027.

Necessity is the mother of demand, so what is the necessity for such cutting edge conversational tech in today’s world?

Let’s look at some figures.

In 2021, there are close to 2 billion webpages on the internet. Of these, only close to 200 million are active. These 200 million+ webpages are currently riddled with text, image and video based content that are designed to facilitate a pure one way flow of information.

So the question that we ultimately face at this conjecture is, how do we aggregate this overflow of information and communicate it to the users in a more humane and efficient way?

CoRover AI, founded by Ankush Sabharwal in 2016, has been able to empathise and capitalise on this inert linguistic nature of humans and has combined it with the existing lack of deeply connected workflows in the enterprise technology space to take care of repeated queries in the IT consumer demography.

The result: a product that can facilitate a two way flow of information through quick aggregation of information and instant responses to user queries with help of cutting edge chatbot technology equipped with AI, ML, NLP, AR & VR.

Conversational AI isn’t just one thing. It’s a set of technologies that allow computers to recognise human language, decipher different languages, comprehend what is being said, determine the right response, and respond in a way that mimics human conversation and at the same time aggregates data to respond to each users query in a unique way.

Chatbots as a solution to the data discovery problem are not unheard of, but the chatbot market as of today is swamped by simple bots that are deployed & forgotten about. These bots are deployed by full stack specialists and they cannot be maintained by people without programming skills. When left unattended, this results in stale linear conversational flows along with a costly upkeep fee.

CoRover is special in this context as the have managed to build the highest ROI delivering virtual assistants to enable users talk to systems the way they talk to an intelligent person!

The company has been able to gain this staggering level of traction by focussing on powering its data flywheel through a 4 phase process:

The CoRover data Flywheel

Phase 1) :

Achieve steadily increasing data supply.

Phase 2) :

Achieve deep domain understanding in top 12 industries.

CoRover is currently in phase 2 of this implementation process.

Phase 3)

Provide premium actionable AI driven insights to these industries

Phase 4)

Create a fully Automated Workforce to lead the Future of Enterprises.

Achieving this steadily increasing data was possible due to the fact that CoRover was able to cater to the needs of large private and public sector clients such as IRCTC, NPCI, RuPay, 70+ Banks, ATC/ITC Ltd, Mahindra Group, IGL, KSRTC, SRS, Gamerji, Aura Health Solution, Malahide Shopping, NSDC, and more. The clients saw the benefits of the Chatbot as a way to

  1. Improve the top line via lead-generation and engagement (Up-Sell & Cross-Sell).
  2. Improve the bottom line via a round the clock automated AI Virtual assistance.
  3. Improve customer experience via personalisation and human centric Conversational AI capabilities (Multi-Format, Multi-Lingual & Omni-Channel).

They were also able to establish key CoSell and Resell partners in Microsoft, Accenture, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Finastra, and more clients by capitalising on their key USPs:

  1. Technology & Data: 10x quicker (TAT) to deploy with 90%+ Accuracy because of proprietary/patent-pending tech platform, and pre-trained ML data models with Real-Time Analytics, used by 350 Million+ users.
  2. Multi-Lingual and Omni-Channel — 12 Indian/Vernacular and 100+ Foreign/International Languages across Web, App, WhatsApp, IVR, AI Kiosk, SMS, Signal +12 more channels to reach customers where they are.
  3. Versatility in Functionality — Human Centric VideoBots, VoiceBots, ChatBots (Text, Touch, Click) making user interact with the system the way they s/he talks to other a person.

CoRover even developed a revolutionary AskSarkar app which leads users to official government websites and resolves their queries on government services via text, audio, or video. This Made in India app is among the winners of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge. PM Modi has even provided a testimonial for CoRover:

The 250 million + users also caught the eye of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:

Corover is even revolutionising the way we interact with doctors by creating a revolutionary video based COVID-19 chatbot capable of providing insightful medical advice to people around the world simultaneously:

Overall, the promise in the field of conversational AI, paired with the talent in CoRoverAI seems to have all the ingredients needed to whip up a grand success for the company and its shareholders.

CoRover is currently providing its services for close to 400 million users and is set to reach close to 2 Billion users by 2025, which will only further grease the oil in their data flywheel.

Conversational AI as a sector promises to revolutionise the way in which individuals interact with each other as well as the way in which they interact with technology in a more humane and insightful way.

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